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IC/OC stands for In Character/Out of Character. This comic is about inside jokes between the Storytellers and Players of several role playing games. These jokes and gags can be funny in their own right but they're all based on things that've actually happened either in or out of game. Most events have been slightly altered for humor's sake. The artists have all volunteered to draw pre-written scripts or have helped write as well. The comic will continue to follow my games adventures as long as there's players to play and artists to draw!

IC/OC was started by Brian and I in 1999 to make inside jokes come to life. Originally it was based on funny things that happened in the Anarch Chronicles of Eugene, a Vampire the Masquerade LARP that Brian ran and I played/Narrated in. I started coming up with scripts and Brian doodled them at work then put them together online. You can tell the difference between our comics very easily. His were edited with Paint and mine were created there.
Also, he had talent.

Eventually Brian began to take over ICOC and put together most of the last comics and all of the plugs and Bloopers comics on his own (I did give a couple comments for the second Bloopers). It ended when I moved back home to Portland's West Side (where the rest of the comics are set), it was about that time that the Anarch Chronicles of Eugene died out. Brian went on to make some other comics, which can be seen on this page.

The West Side Chronicles are the basis for almost all the new comics. It consists of a Vampire: the Masquerade game and a Mortals game (Hunters, but not Hunter the Reckoning) that run on alternating weeks. The main contributor to the art once I got tired of it was Stephen, who plays in both games. I hope to get art from two other gaming friends soon so that I can update with some regularity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does IC/OC Stand for?
A: In Character/Out of Character, yes I know that would make it OOC but that just doesn't roll of the tongue does it?

Q: Who are these people?
A: Most of the people in the comics are RPG characters from on of our games.

Q: Why is X comic funny?
A: If you don't play vampire RPGs I don't expect you to get any of these jokes. If you'r not in my games I don't expect you to get most of these. They're inside jokes. I'm a firm believer in the theory that the more inside the joke is the funnier it is.

Q: If they're inside jokes, why put them on a comic?
A: To gloat about the game mostly. Also because we enjoy showing off art and letting people know how much fun we're having.

Q: Why don't you have any new comics!?
A: Because I'm not actually paying my artists to draw them! If you would like to donate money for new comics please send money to me via PayPal.

Q:Will you put up more Questions?
A:Yes I will. Later.

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